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UAV Precision Ag
Custom Drone Application Services and Sales

Why UAV Precision Ag?

  • People over profit.  Simply put, we're ashamed of the decline in customer service and negligence among todays society and won't follow suit. At UAV Precision Ag, customer service is our mission statement, PERIOD!

  • FAA Part 107 and Part 137 licensed and Insured 

  • Certified Category 11 Aerial applicators

  • PEGASUS ROBOTICS Dealer:  XAG and DJI sales and service

Why Aerial Drone Application?

  • Modern drones are capable of providing precise row-to-row and fenceline-to-treeline coverage of wet, small, and oddly shaped fields that simply aren't accessible with large ground sprayers and conventional aerial platforms.

  • Drones don't come in contact with your crops or your soils.  This eliminates any crop damage, soil compaction, or field to field disease transfer.

  • Our systems use accurate GPS and flow control technology for custom applications that eliminate waste and minimize overspray.

  • We can broadcast cover crops at any time during the growing season, allowing farmers the opportunity to take full advantage of available hybrid choices in order to maximize yield.  There's no longer a need to choose a shorter season corn to allow time for cover crop establishment.  With UAV Precision Ag you can build soil health while maximizing yields and minimizing application.


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Our Services

UAV Precision Ag is dedicated to customer service through the use of modern drone technology to provide individually tailored application and mapping services offering affordable and practical solutions to our customers’ ever-growing need to increase efficiency.

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